Armoured Alliance

My collection of the Bakugan Armoured Alliance series.


Bakugan Ultra + Baku-Gear

dragonoid ultra dragonoid ultra

Dragonoid Ultra With Baku-Gear

This is currently my favourite Bakugan in my collection. I love the orangey-gold with black, silver and gold details.

nillious ultra closed nillious ultra

Nillious Ultra With Battle Gear

The second Bakugan Ultra with Baku-Gear in my collection. It reminds me of "How To Train Your Dragon".


Bakugan Ultra

hydorous ultra closed hydorous ultra

Hydorous Ultra

I also have another Hydorous Ultra but in the same colour but in its normal form.

howlkor ultra closed howlkor ultra

Howlkor Ultra

Looks similar to the Nillious Ultra, but instead of 2 heads, it has 3.


Regular Bakugan

ventusmasher closed ventusmasher


Definitely gives me Egyption sphinx vibes.

pegatrix closed pegatrix


I also have another one of these but in white and cyan.

hydorous closed hydorous


My normal version of the Hydorous ultra. Not as cool as my Hydorous ultra.